A Beginner's Guide to Handle Contact Lenses

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Colored contact lenses are a good choice, whether it is for medical reasons or decorative purposes. However, just like any other new thing, one may find it hard to do right by them. A lot about them can be challenging, including how to wear or take care of colored contacts. That’s more so the case with beginners, especially when wearing colored contacts for the first time.
Fortunately, information is power and can change your situation for the better in an instance. That’s why this article focuses on handling colored contact lenses perfectly. You will be surprised to learn how easy it is. If the difficulty has had you opt for glasses, you will undoubtedly shift to contact lenses right away. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at a detailed guide to handle contact lenses.

Part 1 – Wear & Care Tips for Colored Contact Lenses
Let’s look at the tips to consider as you wear, take out or take care of your colored contact lenses. What are BC and DIA in contact lenses? We will also highlight that. However, before that, let’s look at how to get them out of the package.
How to Open Contact Lenses Vial
When it comes to opening contact lenses vials, caution is paramount to avoid damaging them in the process. The manufacturers are considerate thus puts signs such as arrows and noticeable marks on the bottle. Upon spotting one, follow these steps.
Step 1
Push the bottle’s tab upwards, following the direction the arrow is pointing at
Step 2
As you pull the lid, be as slow and gentle as possible, ensure that you don’t tear the cap entirely
Step 3
What follows is twisting and rotating the aluminum seal removing the lid completely
* It is important to note that there are low chances of the aluminum seal not tearing off entirely. Under such circumstances, it is advisable to look for helpful tools, including scissors for that exercise.
Colored Contacts Do’s and Don’ts
How long do colored contacts last? Some will last for a day, week, weeks, months, or year. As long as you are not wearing the daily disposable ones, your contacts will need care. You also have to handle them with caution. Take a look at some tips on how to take care of colored contacts.
  • Always use lens care products to clean, disinfect, rinse and store your contacts
  • Never go for tap water since it contains minerals and other damaging elements, including chlorine and metal particles
  • Avoid wearing them if your eyes are red or irritated since it could be a sign of disinfection
  • Don’t share lenses
  • Neither should you sleep with them still in your eyes
  • How long can you wear color contacts? The recommended period is at most 8 hours a day
  • Replace your lens case every three months

Part 2 - Recommended colored contacts for newbies
Given the many types of colored contact lenses out there, it can be challenging, especially for beginners, to choose a pair that suits them best. Fortunately, this segment will make such a daunting task easy. It focuses on how to choose the right colored contacts and some great recommendations that won’t disappoint.
How to choose colored contacts that suit you the best
If it is your first time wearing colored contacts, consider the following to avoid settling for the wrong one.
  1. Purpose
    Some people wear colored contacts for medical reasons, whereas others do it for fun. If you belong to the first group, you should look for colored contacts for prescriptions. Additionally, let the doctor’s prescription guide you. Never forget that power differs from one prescription and contact lens to another since the vision correction levels are also different. On the other hand, people doing it for enjoyment can grab colored contacts for non-prescriptions, which will suit them just fine.
  2. Eye Color
    The best colored contacts for dark eyes are opaque colored tints. Nevertheless, if you want a change that looks as natural as possible, hazel or honey brown colored contact lenses will do the trick. On the other hand, the right colored contacts for light eyes depend on their colors. For instance, blue eyes will go well with another shade of blue or gray.
  3. Size
    When it comes to how to choose contact lenses size, there are two crucial aspects to consider. They include graphic diameter (G.DIA) and base curve (BC). How do you choose base curve for contact lenses? Since it is the curvature of the lens, the natural curvature of your eyes should be the determinant to ensure that they sit securely on them. The graphic diameter should not be wider than the eyes unless you are wearing them for enlarging purposes.
  4. Frequency
    If you wear contact lenses occasionally, daily disposable contacts will be a perfect purchase. You can always grab a new pair the next time you choose to wear them. However, if they are an integral part of your life, go for those which last for a week, weeks, months, or years.
  5. Quality
    You don’t want colored contact lenses that jeopardize your eyes. Additionally, no one wants to keep replacing their lenses every now or then due to damage. For those reasons, buy high-quality contacts from trustworthy brands.
  6. Budget
    Consider the money in your pocket as well. However, never compromise on quality when choosing cheap lenses, especially if you need them for medical reasons.

5 Recommended Colored Contacts Collections for Beginners
We have up to 5 colored contact lenses that won’t disappoint to narrow your search even further. Check them out!
As far as the colored contact lenses are concerned, you can’t even tell that the wearer has them. They also make the eyes look clear and beautiful. Their diameters are 14.2 mm, whereas the base curve is 8.6 mm.

With the above information at your disposal, it becomes easy to choose the best colored contact lenses. It also puts to rest other details regarding them from base curve to dia. Wearing, taking out, and taking care of them will also be easy, not forgetting some of the best products discussed.


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