How To Choose the Right Gray Contact Lenses for Dark Eyes

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Contact lenses have come a long way.
In addition to traditional prescription ones, you can now find colored varieties designed to transform and enhance the appearance of your eyes. If you're fortunate enough to have deeply-hued dark eyes, then you may be tempted to lighten things up a little! While blue, green, or even pink contact lenses can be striking, have you considered the benefits of going gray?
Today, we're sharing how to choose the best natural gray contact lenses for dark eyes, and the different options you can browse on our site.
Why Choose Gray Colored Contacts?

With so many vibrant selections to consider, why should you take a second look at our gray colored contact collection? Here are a few reasons to give this color a try.

- Look Mysterious

First, gray eye contacts look beautifully sleek and mysterious. Whether you want to impress a date or stand out at an upcoming cosplay convention, these give you a unique edge that you can't find anywhere else.

By nature, gray is smoky and cool. It's alluring and deep. When you apply this color to the iris of your eyes, it gives you the same lovely and enchanting vibe.

- Enhance Your Natural Eye Color

When you apply gray contacts, you can actually change and enhance the way your natural eye color looks! Depending on the color you already have, these can look dark, light, or somewhere in between.

These shades aren't as dramatic as some of the others in our collections, so you don't have to worry about looking completely different. Rather, you'll find that these contacts simply embellish and improve what you're already working with!

- Enjoy All-Day Comfort

Finally, we have to mention how insanely comfortable all of our contact lenses are, including our gray options! Made of premium materials like silicone hydrogel, they're designed to fit snugly onto your eye and keep it comfortably moisturized all day long.

Find the Right Gray Contacts for Dark Eyes

Now that you know a few of the reasons to shop for them, how do you know how to find the best gray contacts for dark eyes? Let's take a look at some of the most important factors to consider as you weigh your options.

Assess Your Natural Color First

Before you dive into the different gray contacts in our online shop, take the time to understand your natural eye color first. You can look in the mirror, take a selfie, or have someone else perform this assessment with you.

You might know that you have dark eyes, but what color are they exactly? Are they a rich, dark chocolate brown? Or, are they a milky, light-brown hue?

Keep in mind that brown eyes aren't the only dark eyes! You can have dark green eyes, dark blue eyes, and even dark gray eyes. The specific tone of your iris will determine how any contact lens looks on you, including a pair of gray ones.

Gray contact lenses on brown eyes will look different than lenses on blue eyes. While our lenses are opaque, there are features of your natural eyes that will still shine through.

Consider the Look You Want

Do you want to look exotic and turn heads for all the right reasons? If so, then look for a captivating pair of gray contact lenses, like our Viskon Signature Persian Gray ones!

These are the perfect shade of gray and give your eyes that enticing, can't-look-away type of appeal. This makes them perfect for everyday wear, as well as special occasions when you want to stand out and look your best.

If this is the look and feel you're trying to achieve, then you should also take a look at our Perfect Hue Victoria Gray contact lenses! These are available in a few different styles, and each conveys an entirely unique feeling. The gray hue is light and subtle but packs a dramatic effect.

Shop Different Shades

When it comes to gray colored contacts, you might be surprised to find that these are far from one-size-fits-all. Rather, you have lots of different styles and shades to choose from, and each pair can change your look in its own way.

In addition to dark and light gray contacts, we also offer ones that are infused with a hint of blue. These look stunning on everyone but are especially gorgeous on wearers with rich brown irises.

As you shop for gray blue contacts for brown eyes, look for ones like our Dolly+Gray pair. These feature vivid colors and a special enlarging effect that gives you the appearance of doll eyes. Take the time to browse the different pages of gray contacts on our website, and notice the slight difference between each shade.

If you want a blue/gray look that pops, then check out our Super Pinky Gray lenses. Despite their name, these lenses are more blue than pink, and they're perfect for all of your adventures.

Understand Different Designs

When you shop for a new pair of contacts, you will be able to specify the exact shape and design that you want on each individual eye. This means that you can make your left eye look a little different from your right eye, and vice versa.

You can search and sort the different pairs on our site, setting filter limits that dictate the features you see. With this tool, you can narrow your selection by the following design features:

  • Graphic diameter
  • Diameter
  • Base curve
  • Power range
  • Category
  • Manufacturer

Power range is only available on gray contact lenses that can be ordered as a prescription. Manufacturers measure the power of each lens in a metric called dioptres. This number indicates the amount of correction your lens must provide to keep your vision sharp and clear.

You can also purchase gray contacts non prescription. If you click on one of those models, then you will not be able to specify the power range that you require.

Once you've established all of those technical specifications, it's time to explore the other differences between our designs! We've included a brief product description with each item that explains the look our lenses create and what you can expect when you wear them.

For example, our Neo Glamour Gray contact lenses are ideal for anyone who wants to experiment with a modern, rimless look. On light eyes, these take on more of a hazel shade, but they become sterling gray contacts on dark eyes. These descriptions can help you gauge how you'll look when you wear the lenses, and the type of reaction you can expect.

Read Reviews

Especially if you're new to the colored contact space, it can help to read what others are saying about each lens that you're eyeing. We include client feedback and comments on each of our products as they become available.

Studies show that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family members. As a world, we're becoming more connected than ever before. We're sharing ideas, brands, and personal experiences from people all over the globe, and shoppers are making more informed decisions because of it.

The contact lens industry is no exception. If you're on the fence between a few different pairs, then click on the item and read about the experiences that others have had when they purchased them. You can even scroll down a little further to find other products related to the one you're browsing.

Check Prices

Finally, let's talk price point. We're proud to offer premium-quality colored lenses at a price that you can afford. We know that beauty is an exciting and wonderful way to express yourself, and we're here to make it more accessible.

That said, you can narrow your selection of gray colored lenses by sorting them by price. If you want to start with the lowest-priced pair, then sort Low-to-High. This is an easy way to see only the ones that fit into your budget.

Looking for ways to save even more? Keep in mind that we often run specials and promotions to make our colored contact lenses even more affordable! You can check out all of our sales, events, and offers on this page.

Find Natural Gray Contact Lenses for Dark Eyes

If you want to shake your look up a little, then you can't go wrong with natural gray contact lenses for dark eyes. These lenses amplify your original eye color and give you a dynamic, head-turning appearance.

Whether you want to stand out at a cosplay event or simply look your best at the grocery store, we've got you covered. Feel free to shop all of our gray lenses and branch out into other colored lens varieties, too! You're sure to find the perfect style you're looking for.


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