Reinvent Your Look with Timeless HoneyColor Perfect Hue Contact Lenses!

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Colored contact lenses have always been the go-to accessory for dramatically changing your eye look. Perfect Hue Contact lenses are the best colored contacts that provide you with the perfect blend of color tint and outstanding comfort. No matter if your eye appearance is dark or light, the vibrant colored contacts that we are going to show you could transform your look with the perfect shade. With visual clarity and stylish outlook, HoneyColor Perfect Hue Contact lenses stand out as the most comfortable colored contacts that make heads turn.

With high water content level of 42%, Perfect Hue Contact lenses are best suited for prolonged usage without drying out your eyes. Shape your personality without depriving your eyes of moisture with these realistic colored contacts. Explore now to pick up the most stylish look for yourself!

The Ultimate Grays for Your Eyes

Launched in May 2020, the Perfect Hue Gray collection has earned its havoc popularity as best contacts for dark eyes and light eyes. In a nutshell, you may have eyes of any color, these lenses blend in with your natural eyes color to offer you a stunning look.



Perfect Hue Luxe Gray

1 Year Disposable / G.DIA 13mm / BC 8.6mm / Water Content 42%

With the bold yet natural eye color, Perfect Hue Luxe Gray has been one of the best gray colored contacts that offers realistic design and good eyes enlarging effect in the Perfect Hue collection. The high water content (42%) keeps your eyes at ease while providing the stunner gray look to your eyes. You can pull off the vintage look irrespective of your eye color. With the perfectly mixed beige and gray tone, the contacts blend well with your natural eyes color. If you’ve been having trouble in finding a good pairs of gray contact lens for dark eyes, Perfect Hue Luxe Gray serves well in giving you an elegant appearance without looking unnatural.



Perfect Hue Peony Gray

1 Year Disposable / G.DIA 12.2mm / BC 8.6mm / Water Content 42%

Keep reading if you’ve been searching for the color contacts that look best on brown eyes. Perfect Hue Peony Gray —— The ultimate pick for those who wants to have their natural brown eyes perfectly enhanced. No more artificial fake look, the dainty warm brown and gray stripes add a touch of pastel prettiness to your eyes that gives you a soft appearance without looking exaggerating. Perfect Hue Peony gray serves well for your natural brown eyes color in enhancing your everyday look with the pastel shade.



Perfect Hue Blanc Gray

1 Year Disposable / G.DIA 13mm / BC 8.6mm / Water Content 42%

Enjoy the exquisite look with Perfect Hue Blanc Gray contacts. Different from the other gray design, these bright eye contacts come with an elegant brown tint in the center. The unique design could bring it closer to your pupil pattern and make your eyes glam naturally yet noticeably. Undeniably, Perfect Hue Blanc Gray amplifies the less-is-more beauty style in blending perfectly with any eye colors with the thoughtful design. They fit perfectly as the best colored contacts for light eyes in emphasizing the natural beauty of light eyes. The swift transition from brown to gray makes a strong statement too even on dark eyes.



Perfect Hue Nordic Gray

1 Year Disposable / G.DIA 12.2mm / BC 8.6mm / Water Content 42%

Would there be any gray colored contacts that fits well for any occasions? Yes there’s one here. Single tone, plain pattern, low-key design —— Perfect Hue Nordic Gray offers a minimalist gray eye appearance to enhance the beauty of any eye color. These natural gray colored contacts would be the best choice for you in matching innate fashion to bring out the refined beauty. No matter you have dark eyes or light eyes, worries no more! Perfect Hue Nordic Gray serves the best natural look on any eye colors.



Perfect Hue Victoria Gray

1 Year Disposable / G.DIA 12.2mm / BC 8.6mm / Water Content 42%

Have you been searching for the dreamiest, the ultimate gray colored contacts that serve right in your party look? Featuring a strong and bold appearance, your eyes will look extremely sparkling in Perfect Hue Victoria Gray. Added with the perfect amount of fascinating dynamic, this gorgeous icy gray eye contacts is sure to get the crowds turn their head for you whenever you’re at. And that’s what makes it the best-selling gray colored contacts since the Perfect Hue collection launched. Get the opportunity to own a dazzling outlook now with Perfect Hue Victoria Gray —— The best gray colored contacts that you ever had!


New Launches You Cannot Afford to Miss Out!

With the imploring demand for Perfect Hue contacts, two brand new colored lenses have been added to the collection and launched in October 2021. These newly added colored contacts offer the most delicate color that you’ve never thought of. What’s more, they adopted the vivid pattern design of the best-selling Victoria Gray contacts that pushes an edge to your eye look!



Perfect Hue Meloni Green

1 Year Disposable / G.DIA 12.2mm / BC 8.6mm / Water Content 42%

There’s no doubt that green colored contacts are on trend now! Perfect Hue Meloni Green brings out your vitality with its eye-catching color and subtle design. While leveling up your eyes to a stunner look, Perfect Hue Meloni Green adds depth and sharpness to your appearance with its vivid green tint. Be it a dark or light eye, these beautiful vibrant green contacts are surely to have you looking sweet and lovely!



Perfect Hue Windy Blue

1 Year Disposable / G.DIA 12.2mm / BC 8.6mm / Water Content 42%

Most of you must have been fascinated by blue eyes! Perfect Hue Windy Blue serves as the best blue colored contacts to fulfill your dream eye look that makes heads turn. The baby blue color is so breathtaking, they glow beautifully on both dark and light eyes. The oceanic depth with their cozy overtones makes it everyone’s favourite blue contacts. Enjoy a misty blue eye look without looking too exaggerating now with Perfect Hue Windy Blue!


Final Thoughts

Bright eye contacts can transform your look. With the Perfect Hue collection, there is no way to go over the board. Nail your desired looks with these flaunt yet realistic colored contacts. Be it gray, blue, green, or brown —— Perfect Hue collection offers you the ultimate comfort in the most stylish way.



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