The Difference Between Colored Contacts Diameter and Graphic Diameter

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Colored contact lenses have become a popular accessory for those looking to enhance their natural eye color or completely change their look. When shopping for colored contacts, you'll often come across terms like "diameter" and "graphic diameter." Understanding these terms is crucial in choosing the right lenses to achieve the desired effect. In this article, we'll explore the differences between colored contacts diameter and graphic diameter and how they impact your overall look.

Colored Contacts Diameter:

The diameter of colored contacts refers to the actual size of the lens itself. It is usually measured in millimeters (mm) and represents the width of the lens from one edge to the other. Colored contacts come in various diameters, typically ranging from 13mm to 15mm.

Smaller diameters (around 13mm) mimic the size of the iris, resulting in a more natural appearance.
Larger diameters (around 14mm to 15mm) can make your eyes appear bigger and more defined.
Smaller diameters may be more comfortable for some wearers as they cover less of the eye's surface.
Graphic Diameter:
The graphic diameter, on the other hand, refers to the visible part of the colored portion of the lens. It is the area where the color or design is applied, and it plays a significant role in the lens's overall appearance. Graphic diameter is also measured in millimeters (mm) and is typically smaller than the total diameter of the lens.
Effect on Eye Color
A larger graphic diameter can result in a more intense and noticeable change in eye color.
Natural vs. Dramatic
Smaller graphic diameters create a more subtle change, while larger ones provide a more dramatic effect.
Personal Preference
The choice of graphic diameter often comes down to personal preference and the specific look you want to achieve.

When selecting colored contacts, it's essential to strike a balance between the colored contacts diameter and graphic diameter to achieve your desired look. Consider the following tips:

  1. Natural Look: If you want a subtle enhancement of your natural eye color, opt for smaller diameters and graphic diameters that closely match your iris size.
  2. Bold Transformation: For a more striking change in eye color or a dramatic look, go for larger graphic diameters that cover a significant portion of the eye.
  3. Comfort Matters: Keep in mind that larger diameters may take some time to get used to, so prioritize comfort when making your choice.
  4. Trial and Error: Don't be afraid to experiment with different colored contacts to find the perfect balance for your style and comfort.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, understanding the difference between colored contacts diameter and graphic diameter is essential for achieving the look you desire. Whether you're going for a subtle enhancement or a bold transformation, choosing the right combination of these two factors will help you achieve the stunning eye color you've always wanted. Remember to consult with your eye care professional before purchasing any colored contacts to ensure they are safe and suitable for your eyes.


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