Do’s & Don’ts of Lens Care

  • Use the Recommended Solution: Always use the contact lens cleaning solutions or saline solutions recommended by your eye care professional.
  • Follow a Cleaning Routine: Clean and disinfect your lenses daily by following the appropriate steps of rinsing, rubbing, and rinsing again before storing them in fresh solution.
  • Replace Your Contact Lens Case Regularly: Contact lens cases can harbor bacteria and fungi over time. Replace your lens case at least every three months or as advised by your eye care professional.
  • Adhere to the Prescribed Wearing Schedule: Follow the wearing schedule prescribed by your eye care professional for your specific type of contact lenses (1 day, bi-weekly, 1 month, etc.).
  • Attend Regular Eye Check-ups: Schedule regular eye check-ups with your eye care professional to ensure your prescription is up-to-date and to monitor your eye health.
  • Know When to Replace Your Lenses: Follow the recommended replacement schedule for your contact lenses. Wearing expired or damaged lenses can cause eye irritation or infections.
  • Wear Lenses Before Makeup: Put on your contact lenses before applying makeup to avoid contaminating them with makeup particles.
  • Avoid Oily or Dirty Environments: Keep your lenses away from oily substances and dirt to prevent contamination.


  • Do Not Sleep in Your Contact Lenses: Unless prescribed, avoid wearing contact lenses overnight, as it increases the risk of eye infections.
  • Avoid Using Tap Water or Saliva: Tap water and saliva can contain bacteria and other impurities. Always use the recommended solutions for cleaning your lenses.
  • Keep Lenses Away from Harsh Chemicals and Heat: Avoid exposing your contact lenses to harsh chemicals, such as chlorine in swimming pools, or extreme heat, as it can damage the lens material.
  • Remove Lenses Before Swimming or Showering: Water can contain bacteria and impurities that can adhere to your lenses and cause infections. Use daily disposable lenses or wear goggles if you must wear contact lenses while swimming.


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