BlueMyst Feline Crazy Lens

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Product Information

Have you ever mewed in envy at your cat's stunning gaze? Say no more, whisker lovers! Introducing the BlueMyst Feline Crazy Lens - making human eyes the cat's meow!


  1. Purr-etty Incredible: Dive into a frosty blue world and turn heads with eyes that scream "I’m the cat's pajamas!"
  2. Fur-tastic Comfort: Kiss those kitty-litter eyes goodbye. These lenses are snugger than a cat in a sunbeam!
  3. Meow-nificent for Any Occasion: Perfect for yarn balls, laser pointer chasing, or, you know, human parties and stuff!

Why BlueMyst Feline Crazy Lens? Cats rule the internet, right? So, why not rule the room with eyes that have their own tail (or tale) to tell. Whether you're strutting down your living room runway or photobombing friends with that purrfect cat-eye look, these lenses will have you feline fine!

Cosplay Companions:

  • White Walker from Game of Thrones – Those chilling blue eyes can get an added feline mystique, perfect for a unique take.
  • Michiru Kagemori from BNA: Brand New Animal – A novel touch to her beastman form.
  • Nayru from The Legend of Zelda – The Goddess of Wisdom would look even more ethereal with blue cat eyes.

Get ready to hiss-terically up your eye game! Tails will wag, birds will tweet, and fish... well, they won't care. But you get the gist! Grab your BlueMyst Feline Crazy Lens and let's make every day a purrty one!

Product Specification
Frequency3 Months Wear
Base Curve8.6mm
Lens Diameter14.2mm
Water Content45%
Lens TypePlano and Myopia only
Product Highlights
Enlarging effect: Noticeable
Eye color change: Drastic
Design: Dramatic
Dark eyes: Perfect
Light eyes: Perfect